Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 - Answering Susanne Hahn

I have received the following private message on FaceBook from Susanne:
"Dear Blaz
Sorry, but I do not feel really attracted to this connection. What I feel and see about Destini and the followers, I like the goal but not the way – I don’t feel attracted to this path, for me too much equality and too much uniform symbolism, too much to read and I don’t like programs at all. Sorry but I follow only my inner smile and feel too free at this point of time for this. That does not mean, that your way is wrong, it is just not mine.

Wish you all the best, love, joy and peace.
May there be peace among all, Om Shanti - shanti, shanti

With devine love

Hi Susanne,

I am not sure why you decided to write me this private message but if you are looking for a confirmation of your attempt of taking a self-righteous position, I am not going to give you one because that is your ego trying to justify itself which is self-deception. Don't react to what I'm saying, just be self-honest about self. The only reason why you can say "Your goal is OK but I don't like the way because I don't feel attracted so I'm not willing to join" is because you have enough money to live as you wish and so just don't care about those that don't. If you would actually understand what we are doing you would see that the only way to change the system and the world as we have accepted and allowed it to exist is to do what we are doing = sorting out self with the tools provided and then standing together as a group which mean acting as one as equals to bring about what is practically Best for All. Look again in self-honesty what is your starting point, what are you protecting by not joining? What are you afraid off? If you wish someone all the best, love, joy and Om Shanti (whatever that means...), that doesn't make you a 'good' or 'better' person. The reality is that you are not willing to do anything practically that needs to be done to bring about a dignified life to all. All you do is deceive people with your 'divine love' sharing which you use to make yourself feel as a 'good person' and to support your ego, your self-righteousness.

So Susanne, are you willing to face your-self and do what needs to be done practically to actually stand for All Life and bring about the needed change so that we can all have a dignified life? Or are you going to protect your ego through self-righteousness and hide behind nice words and only do what you feel attracted to and turn a blind eye to everything else just because you have enough money to continue with your self-deception?